The Original Greek Story

It was no surprise that Michael would one day take part in the mobile food industry, after all, it is in his blood. His family had a very successful “street food” businesses in both Cleveland and New York.  He has his formal education from a University, however his “street smarts” and love for food brought him back to his hard working roots in the culinary industry.  As a result, Michael takes great pride in his traditional by-hand Greek meat stacking ways that he has been doing since the startup of his South Florida food truck. He has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to trend and knowing what is in demand.  Not only is the Original Greek selling delicious Greek food, but we are selling the essence of Greek culture and tradition. It takes heart, time, and passion to make dishes you can be proud of.  We know you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.

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The Truth

In Greece, the lamb yeero will not be found! In fact, lamb loafs were created as an Americanized processed food in Chicago in the 1960’s. The Original Greek proudly serves traditional pork and chicken yeeros as we strive to give our customers the authentic Greek experience. There have been many variations to the yeero since it made its way to the Americas. We have reversed this trend and brought authenticity back to the yeero name. We are a first in bringing the truth and soul of Greek food that everyone should know and appreciate.

How Is Original Greek Food Better?

Being of a traditional nature, The OG takes great pride in providing an enriched alternative to everyday meals.

  • The Original Greek Quality of Excellence includes:
  • Traditional Greek Cuisine
  • Locally Grown Produce
  • No Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • No MSG
  • Gluten Free
  • Farm Fresh Ingredients
  • Hand Stacked Proteins
  • Absolutely Delicious