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Our recipes are passed down from generations, allowing us to serve traditional food with an emphasis on quality ingredients, classic flavors & simplicity.

South Florida’s Exclusive Distributor of Mega Yeeros!


Miami • Tampa • Orlando • Naples / Fort Myers
• The Bahamas

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Authentic Pork Yeeros

Marinated to perfection, our Pork Yeeros seep up all the flavors and seasonings creating the perfect bite each and every time.

Authentic Beef & Lamb Yeeros

An unmatched combination, our Beef & Lamb Yeeros overturn typical preconceptions and elevate flavor to a level of taste beyond compare.

Authentic Chicken Yeeros

Never dry, we’ve perfected our Chicken Yeeros by using all the flavorful Greek spices you crave, for a light, delicious treat.


Chicken • Pork

Original Greek Authentic

Tzaziki • Greek Dressing